~Eleven years of cleaning she still was never satisfied and stood there between Dad and I. Too late he was leaving for days, once again my time with him had been squandered away by the wild yellow cycle of pleasing her.

~Running late for Monday morning class, Travis stopped me in the hallway to show me the green construction paper book with picture languages. In black marker was a note written to his best friend by drawing fingers and toes. Tossing it in the garbage he returned to his locker inside the janitors closet. I slipped the retrieved note into my desk planning to get it to his friend by the end of the day. The class was restless whispering to each others in clichés among themselves.
I've come to bury my plans, not to garden them. came from under her breath.
Enough. I decided to take them down to the beach. I walked along the pink flagstone covered beach while the class dissipated. Get a job and that's just the way it is. Raw and damp wind whipped the dress tightly around my legs while shivery motes of sand bit into the back of my calves and eyes riveted on the hospital buildings knowing it was time to go back.