Christmas was harder than most this year with Juanell's death her daughter pulls up in the driveway and comes in the door still dressed in her pajamas. It must be so very hard for her to loose her mom at Christmas. I tell her to be patient with herself and then we cry and laugh over coffee as she tells me what their last days together were like...more like best friends than mother and daughter she says. Then she runs off to start her busy day at work leaving her slippers behind. I tell her not to worry she can come over again and get them when she's ready. I like to think it may give her a reason to come back and when she does I invite her to go on a walk with me.
I found a new way! I tell her's the wash where I found my Ebeneezer stone.
She laughs and says You used to walk this way all the time before you got sick.
Shooken up.... I just listen for the rest of the walk.....I don't think I'll ever get used to myself who haunts me from my past.

I spent a year at my brothers-in-law Christmas morning, up to my knees in panic. Someone somewhere has decided that I should be doing something. One suggested I need to go back on my medication. Why? I ask. I offer to send something to my sister-in-law. Really, don't... says her husband dryly. I tell my husband I would like to go now. Which is too bad because this is the first year in eight years he's been home on Christmas Day. God forbid if they ever have a brain tumor. Recovery takes a long time and they haven't got the slightest clue as to what it's like.

Hubby may be getting a promotion soon. There's an opening form him as store manager in his store and he told his boss a long time ago that if that position was available he would be happy to take it. He likes the people there and they really like him. We decided he could take on more responsibility now since I am getting better and not as dependent on him. It will mean I'll only see him for three hours a day and he'll be under more stress at work, but it also means a raise. He'll do terrific I'm sure!

I did get some cookware, and a new Bible...Proverbs and Revelations had fallen out of the old one I've had since High School. And EMPORIO ARMANI perfume, I love the scent.... very soft with a hint of spice!'s been a long time since I've even cared about things like perfume.
In {God} we live and move and have our being.
- Acts 17:28 (NIV)