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ariels made a suggestion that I add some quotes from Josephus in my Masada node. I thought that was a terrific idea so I added those this morning.

I've spent the last two days at the University of Arizona going through Parent Orientation with Number One Son. My advice to all present and future parents, Don't miss it! Do everything you can to go because even though it's a time charged with emotions (mostly joyful and some painful) it means the world to your child that you are there....even if they don't come within a 300 foot radius of you, know that they want you there!
In between meetings for parents and students, my son and I caught up with each other and compared notes. It was a lot of information and what I didn't know -- he knew-- what he didn't know-- I had the information. One girl remarked how much she wished her parents had been able to come.

We had the good luck to happen to move into an award winnning public school district. I was SO impressed as to how well my son was prepared by them. His financial aid was there and in order, and he had already taken his math and English placement tests so they were out of the way. While others were testing or standing in line a member of the orientaion team took him to get his student card saving us a lot of time by avoiding long lines later on. My son also had the privilege provided by grandparents of staying in the campus dorms while attending Lute Olsen's basketball camps every summer since he was eight years old, so he was familiar with the campus. It was so much easier for both of us making this life changing transition.

During my free time while he was out exploring with friends I discovered a Mom crying in the bathroom (yea, understandably, some of us are more comfortable dealing with stress by finding a quiet place for a good cry) it's a part of letting go and sometimes mothers get the silly notion that they'll never see their "Life's Work" again. I'm lucky ...for now my son will be living at home as he starts his college career, she however, had lost her mother, been recently divorced and was now leaving her only son at an out of state university. They'll both be fine I'm sure.

Number One Son's major (as of today at least) is Broadcast Communications. The faculty advisor for the college of Communications told the students that this was not the school to be at if they "wanted to be the next Tom Brokaw." This was very discouraging news for us to hear as he wants to be a Sports Broadcaster. During the parent's orientaion presented by Career Services the speaker mentioned that he had received an e-mail from a student he had helped who had just acquired a position as producer for Late Night with David Letterman. I expressed the discouraging news we had heard earlier, explained that my son was considering attending the University of San Diego in the spring, and asked.....where would I direct him to find encouragement in that direction...would Career Services be the best place to go for help? A few things happened then that I believe were Divine Intervention.

(My father, brother-in-law, my husband and myself have all attended the U of A. Number One Son has dreamed of attendng there since Steve Kerr and Sean Elliot visited his Kindergarten class and played a little b-ball with him.)

One, the Dean of Admissions was there and wanted to know which meeting it was we heard this.(oh my!) ... 'We may have misunderstood the faculty advisor.' I tried to tell him.
One parent said her student was attending the U of A because it was rated number 5 in the nation in the area of broadcast communications. But most importantly there was a parent there from Bellvue,Washington who was a television producer. He handed me his business card and a list of ideas for internships for my son with possilbe classes he would need. He was very encouraging saying our community has a terrific market for television, and that digital TV as well as streaming broadcasts over the web will create a large market in my sons area of interest. I was touched by his enthusiasm and concern, and the time he took to write all this information down for us to help out.

Most of all I am SO excited for my son as he begins this new endeavor in his life! One of the speakers mentioned that no ones life is a straight line. Some students may see people as having reached their place in life as something they planned from the start. I can personally say that my life has been composed of a series of derailments and unexpected diversions toward my goals. I'm happy my that most important ones, successful parenting and teaching, have been achieved! But unseeably to others to me my life looks like a patchwork quilt and from here on the inside, it's plain as day life turned me all in directions I never expected.

People in our family have made great sacrifices so that I may follow my gifts and in turn my children may follow theirs. Only two generations ago members of our family worked hard and took great risks so that we may have this opportunity.
My husband's grandparents immigrated from Germany. After fighting in World War I they left for America because they could see what Hitler was heading into and knowing Grandfather was in the German army he would have to fight for this terrible cause.
My grandparents raised nine children and one orphaned cousin through The Great Depression, sending them all through college with nothng more than what they earned from the land they lived on.
No one asked them what they wanted to do with their life, what dreams they had. They had gifts they couldn't follow......I am honored with their legacy.

Trusting God's Plan

When you turn to the right or when you turn to the left, your ears shall hear a word behind you saying,
"This is the way; walk in it."

- Isaiah 30:21 (NRSV)

When I look, I can see God's hand in the unfolding story of my life.