I can see the future...
Once biophysics and cybernetics have been more developed there's no doubt that the entire so called third sector will be capitalized. Even everyday conversations are recuperated and Noung's wu is realized in totally different light. There's how it goes:

With tiny little censors they can approximate the level of happiness by measuring the concentration of chemicals in your body, especially in the brains. It is already known that brains dispense certain chemicals, say endorphins, when you are having good vibes. Thus your level of happiness can be measured.
Once you meet your friend or a stranger and you're about to tell him a joke or you'll kiss her you have to identify yourself i.e. log into her cybernetical implants. If you already know each others this can be done with speech recognization but with strangers we need more innovative identification systems. But that's not our trouble here since there are plenty of decent solutions. Now, if a cybernetical computer system, maybe using a fuzzy logic or something, concludes that it's you who caused the pleasure for the person you can instantly cash in.
If you're having sex with your girlfriend watch out that you are not enjoying too much if you're short of cash. Otherwise your microchips will either cause you to go bankrupt or coitus interruptus.

I can see also other great applications here with biophysics and cybernetics, namely personal pricing, but I think the social currency will take capitalism to the other level. Industrial and information revolutions are nothing compared to this step!