Seven is also a card game for two or more players. A person who gets rid of her cards first, wins. The rules are as follows:

Five cards are dealt for each player.

One card is turned on the table from the deck. If the card is seven or ace it has to be changed.

A player puts a card from her hand on the table. The card has to be the same suit as the previous card on the table. If a player doesn't have same suit she has to take cards from the deck until she gets the required suit. However, a player may want to pretend that she doesn't have the suit if she wants to take more cards. There are no punishments for this.
But no more than than three cards can be picked up in the turn. If a player doesn't have the correct suit after pickings she must pass her turn on this round.
Exception: A card with the rank of seven can be put on the table at any time regardless of suit. A seven can change the suit. A player who puts a seven on the table can order what is the suit that should be played in the next turn.

Ace: If a player puts an ace on the table all other players must pick up one punitive card from the deck.

Cards with the same ranks: A player can put many cards on the table if and only if the ranks of the cards are same.

A rule at the end of the game: An ace or a seven cannot be the last card which is put on the table from the hand. If the last card in the hand is an ace or a seven, one more card must be picked up from the deck.

If the deck ever runs out of cards, the cards from the table - except the very last card - must be suffled and reuse as a new deck.