Usually an exitential crisis is preceded by a simple thought:

"What is the point?"

My personal experience of several years advices consciously to think about something completely different or to do something practical stuff that captures your attention.

Why? Because there isn't any point. If there is, please /msg me.

From time to time I have found myself thinking "is life worth of living, should I blast myself" (to quote Tupac Shakur in "Changes") and it led me nothing but existential crisis and depression. For too many years the outcome was always the same depressing one. So why to bother..? There are plenty of things you can enjoy in your life if you just avoid thinking about their deepest philosophical meaning.

Of course, this is not to say that you should just turn on a telly and forget about self-induced thinking or intellectual growth. Do whatever you want to but don't you try to solve the meaning of life!