is not a web page generated by perl but a Polish film. (Who knows.. it should have that kind of web site too) After half an hour I was really tempted to walk out of the cinema and it wasn't because I needed to spend a penny or something like that. The movie was just very irritating, especially the sounds. So why to node? Not so much to warn fellow noders but to give an example of total waste of the script.

The film started off with a monologue Samuel L. Jackson would have given, you can imagine. It gave an impression that the man was selling drugs and after a while it was unveiled it was police he was talking to. Next, there's a jump to completely different scene. I already started to think that someone had seen Tarantino's movies. Similar changes in scenery happened throughout the movie but in the end, it was just a block, an old building that linked different characters together. For me this just didn't make any sense. Aye, you may force yourself to make an interpretation and give a freudian explanation for the block as some sort of cool symbol but I strongly question why the director left his symbolism so loose. Maybe you should have lived in one of those flats before you understand. What the hell means that the block is about to be crushed by the weight of the age and finally gets exploded by a gas leak? And why there's a sexy bitch driving a fast car and fully appearing in the scene just before explosion? The character was like a senseless rip off from the David Lynch movie in her misty appearance. The last scene would do a good clip for the soundtrack, if nothing...

But it wasn't the meaning of the block that irritated me the most. No, it was the characters that could have given so much more. You had them all:
Talkactive, unsuccesful salesperson
Crazy, fashionable bitch with her plastic husband
Drugaddict and his greedy dealer. The former got married only in order to get more junk.
Fanatically pro-EU barkeeper
Teenage girl who desperately loves a man with a benji jump crane.
Violent bodybuilders

Behind that all, there's a theme of a rapist the cops are trying to catch. However, the pigs are not that interested.. You can see that it's far too much for standard 90 minutes movie. All the characters are so superficial that's everything you have to say about them above. In my opinion, if you had taken just the salesman, bodybuilders and EU-man you would have ended up with a lot better film. Give me the script and I'll come out with an excellent movie without compromising the ambition the producers obviously had. If you play modern age role playing games, maybe the movie is not total waste of money in your case.

According to Jeordie the movie is linked with a true story of 1km long block (with 40 000 residents!) in Gdansk blowing up due to gas leak. In this sense you may take the movie as a glimpse to the reality and characters as representations of life as a whole and/or of different groups of people, pretty much like they tended to do in Russian literature.