It was first thin layer of snow here in Tampere, Finland. By now it's gone but. And it's raining cats and dogs.

Therefore, I must still love running because I went out to make 52 minutes there and after first 15 minutes, which were horribly cold, I enjoyed myself - clearing my mind - and running. I saw only one other person running there; and he wasn't running after a missed bus!

Last week I visited Poland... well, not Poland but Iwonka and then I flew to Strasburg for a long weekend. There I met totally six people from Belfast where I spent the last year studying at Queen's. Four, and especially two of those 6 I knew better. Strasburg is a magnificient city with all those old buildings.

And then, the European Parliament. Okay, I may say if insisted that I'm an anarchist. I.e. a dangerous bomb throwing rebel. ;-)
I visited the Parliament and of course they had a security control with metal detectors and lots of security staff. I had a mobile and a camera in my pockets and of course the detector beeped. A security personnel asks something in French I don't understand since I don't speak the language. Fatima, my friend, translates that she asked if I have something in my pockets. I say in English that there's a mobile there. The guard nods, says "okay" and points me to enter the building without checking me. There we go, I could have had anything with me; pretty easy.

Actually, there were only two, well three, negative points in my visit to Strasburg:

  1. I saw many (freaky) dreams but didn't feel up to memorize them properly at mornings.
  2. When I left Monday morning I felt really bad realizing I won't see Fatima for a long time, if ever.
  3. Whenever I had a moment to think on my own I missed Iwonka.
But when I got back to Finland, the bus trip from airport to Tampere was nothing but wiiide smile because Iwonka SMSed me she will be coming for the New Year! Yahooo!!!
There's so much else I could mention about those five days with Iwonka but I think this day log is boring enough without clumsily trying to express my feelings, which were extremely positive.

Then, really some soft landing back to Uni: 10 hours at Uni and I even skipped the last two... Today wasn't any better although instead of moulding inside the university buildings we had a visit to Tamfelt and I should be writing a report about it right now. Tomorrow's just as horrible and I won't know nothing about Halloween - well, fair enough, it's not that much celebrated here in Finland as far as I'm aware - because the deadline of a programming practical is already sharpening its scythe. I really hope all this will some day turn out to be worthwhile.

I wonder if an occasional cannabis smoker should donate blood..? It is said ganja is detectable after many months. There would have been a chance to donate at the Uni today...

I was also told I snore but not that loudly..