I did have something in my wee mind for the day log just before Programming II practicals but let's see if I can recall it.
It had something to do wiiith.. Aye, I was looking forward to get home and do some coding! I had this feeling I've never have before while "working" (i.e. browsing through the web and noding) at the department.

I know it's Friday and I'm young and I'm healthy (well, mostly the flu is gone) but instead of having an appetite to get intoxicated, chat up birds and do some marvelous things like those I wanted to go home writing C++. And aye, it does scare me.

Fortunately I managed to do most of the work during the practicals as I wrote the pseudo-code for the BigUnsigned data type there. Now I have whole weekend for testing and it hardly takes that much time. I also lost the appetite of coding now when the real problem solving is already done and now there's only boresome and self-restraing teasing part of C++ implementation left.

Maybe I just go and rent a film called "something .. something .. And Two Barrels" made by those who were involved with Snatch. I've tried couple of times to rent it but the first time it was already gone and the second time they couldn't figure out what was the film I meaned because I couldn't remember the exact title. I did wonder aloud why they had a computer system in the store in the first place if they couldn't make a simple search like that. Well, I should investigate the plans of brother who seems to be in the control of television set.

Lot of changes in my life recently.. I got a reply from my running coach after I suggested that my name should be erased from their list but he said I should carry on despite the fact I don't have time for running; not that much I'd need to make progress. This cursed MSc. ... "Who needs qualifications.." I should skip more lectures to maintain some stability with my daily cycle.

Okay, I notice this starts to get really pointless. Luckily there are also positive changes in my wee life and I'm going to meet one of them next week, followed by the long weekend in Strasbourg.

I also notice that I'm little bit curious over the match Taleban vs. USA -- I've tried to avoid all news since beginning of the month; a wee psychological experiment to see the effects of avoidance of mass-media. I'm planning to carry on the refusal of news for the rest of the year. Probably newspapers are writing just similar crap, comparable with the events in Kosovo, practising self-censorship in the real chomskian sense. I only knew there was an anti-war demonstration in the city centre on Monday but I missed it due to severe flu.

Thou shall not kill.