Warning: No happy ending!

Lukas Moodysson made hugely successful Fucking Åmål followed by funny Tillsammans. Lilja 4-ever is nothing like those two. Maybe irritated by the fact that Tillsammans was actually a sort of tragedy of hippie idealism Moodysson doesn't allow misreading this time. The plotline goes from bad to worse without a smirk of smile in the face. You may say it doesn't matter that much if there is a happy ending or not. After Lilja 4-ever you're likely to think differently.

16 yo. Lilja (Oksana Akinsjina, 15, who does good job) lives somewhere in post-Soviet Russia. Life's far from great but every time you think this is the worst there can be something even nastier is bound to happend: a basketball is blown up, Lilja's best friend lies she's a prostitute and after a while Lilja really falls into prostitution. Lilja's mum abandons her daughter and a sniff of glue is really the best thing there is and that's, well, that's just glue!

After Lilja is beaten up she meets a seemingly nice man. The man says they could move to Sweden and live happily there. The reality is different: Lilja's passport is taken away and she's forced to work as a prostitute again and kept imprisoned. Finally Lilja can't take it anymore and you may let your tears drop out as angels Lilja and Volodja play basketball with too sentimental music on the background...

The film manipulates the audience and in a way, it is almost too much. But this could as well be true. Documentarists have a lot to learn here. Sex slavery might be happening even in your own neighbourhood. After the movie came out there was lot of debate in Sweden and I don't wonder why: If one remains untouched by the movie she's sure dead inside.