Some good and bad news.

Good ones were a paper on the table in kitchen. Yesterday evening when I came home late I found a paper on the table. It was left to me by my flatmate's mum who was introduced to E2 in my previous daylog. She wrote shortly saying thanks for the company and hoped all the best. Because I didn't expect anything like that it made me very, very happy.
I guess there's a lesson to learn for me because I'm afraid I'm not too good to give surprising, spontaneous positive feedback. This incident certainly will make me a better husband if I some day become one. There'll be flowers and all.. ;-)

A bad, a very bad thing is that I suspect my foot being broke again. I suffered a stress fracture half year ago and now the same foot shows the same symptoms.
And guess who bought grand new trainers yesterday (bargain price 450mk (~$60))! For a while I was quite fed up with running, thanks to injury plagued season, but yesterday I felt like breaking all the records next summer and training like a madman.
And now this -- thank you very much!

I drink too much water. I feel like my belly doesn't percolate it anymore. But it's very warm, even hot.

And I have to work on the day like this! It's a crime against humanity. I wish some one out there will take the professor of the department to Hague right after Milosevic. Goddamn exploiter! This is oppression.

The least I can do is to sabotage through noding at work.

The heat has melted my brains. My behaviour defies logic. I don't have that much money but yesterday I was consuming like I was the shultan of Bhutai. Not only I bought the trainers but also trousers and enermous amount of books: Dostojevski, Glue by Irvine Welsh, Nikolai Gogol...

One last bad thing: I got my photos from Belfast and Finnish Mid Summer Festival developed. There were only 32 out of 36 photos there. First, I didn't even notice I lack photos but then I started to look for the one where I'm pictured naked in a sauna, spanking myself with bath whisk. I couldn't found one and then I counted photos. 32.
For a moment I thought that the developing firm had confiscated some pictures, including the sauna pic. But I calmed down when I looked at negatives and these four were either blank white or totally black.
Fortunately I don't have any films from Czech Republic anymore..