Loinen presents:

Total Chill Out Weekend

Just to remind all you fellow noders how important it is forget all mundane worries from time to time. So, there isn't that much to tell about the weekend because absolutely nothing was done except some relaxed activities like water skiing and throwing darts (I was the topscorer of the family with 41 points).

Luckily, the weather reports were correct and we had two very sunny days. I have absolutely no complaints about 30+ degrees Celsius but it reminded me one of the disadvantages of being white: I slightly burned my shoulders. Lessee if there will be a daylog: June 12, 2022; Loinen: I was diagnosed to have a skin cancer...

Well, that's something you may expect when you go and chill out on an airbed floating on the sea. I also managed to catch a pike with a fishing rod - a lunch for Sunday. And there were few blueberries to collect and eat - a rewarding duty to accomplish.

That's all physical activities I did at the summer cottage over the weekend. But it wasn't just the body that got some rest but merely the brains. I forgot everything about the MSc and the work involved. I forgot running, the sore ankle and malfunctions of social contacts - especially I mean one dreary phone call couple of days I ago when I slipped out a joke that can be understood in two ways. I tried to explain what my meaning was but the damage was done, sigh..
Well, in order to forget everything I had to rely not just on clearance of mind but on the book titled "Intellectual terrorism - International Situationists 1957-72" followed by two pamphlets by Andre Gorz. Both were not just interesting but very inspiring too. The credits for having some great fun go to Mum, especially her, and the youngest Brother who were there too. Whenever we are together it all goes just absurd. Dad, the great rationalist, provided the fishing company and snoring..

And now I'm back in Tampere, finding myself unable to sleep because it's 28C inside & there's too much thoughts going through my head, mostly induced by two things: situationists and Fucking Åmål which I saw on Thursday.

01:46 EET, good night.