It was my first geek-meeting ever. Before that I got only 24% nerdity rate at Mikrobitti nerd-o-meter so I had some flies in my belly when I promised to attend.
No, seriously, I knew that the worst nerds wouldn't show up anyway. Everyone there were really nice and I had a great day.

I also enjoyed the place for I haven't been there for ages. The weather was just perfect for me: I was wondering if my cheeks burned but they didn't. I guess it was only the six-pack that gave me some warmth.

It was pity I had to leave quite early. Luckily break and jope travelled with the same train so that the first hour of two hour's travel was enjoyable.
Unfortunately a sweet girl (who looked a lot like the sister of good friend of mine from France) with her wee sister got off the train with them..

What next?
Since someones have noted out that no one was extremely drunk leaving a bad picture of Finns to our overseas guests, maybe it's me who have to promise to be the one who will pass out next time. At least, being not so experienced drinker I need lesser amount of alcohol than most.