The question of being better is not that simple. Yes, sometimes you lose thanks to poor refereeing but that's rather an exception than a rule. Sometimes you're just unlucky, a ball reflecting into your goal like in a pinball game.

But as we can see the established clubs stay on the top. Just look at the list of clubs in Champions League. There are only few you don't immediately recognize if you're interested in game. If it was just about luck the names in league tables would vary a lot more. Now you have Arsenal on top and Millwall in lower divisions.

Effective football may be boring. Aye, you may let others to possess the ball if they don't create chances. An important notion many people miss is that it's not so easy to avoid mistakes. If you cope under the fire of favorites you have to be good. And on the contrary, you may only have that one or two chances but if your striker is a real talent, that's you taking the points home. Just look at Liverpool. It's utterly boring but seems to pay off.