Some guy says he had a clock for sale for $5. I goes: "I'll give you $4 even without seeing it beforehand." The guy considers this for a wee second and then nods: "Very well."

He shows me the place and it turns out that the clock is still in use hanging on the wall outside of the summer cottage. But it is so high that I need ladders to get it down. There was third man listening to us and he says that he has ladders to rent and it'll cost "just" $115.
The amount of money is obviously a joke but he's serious about money i.e. he won't give ladders for free but my mum who had heard this is all doesn't give a shit and simply takes the ladders and takes few steps towards the clock but eventually gives up and points me to do the job.

I take a hammer and climb up pulling out two nails and a piece of wood. When finished, I throw the hammer over my shoulder, drop the nails and I take the piece of wood and the clock down with me.

My dad arrives speaking some nonsense and it seems like he's bit drunk but. I look for the hammer on the grass where I thought I threw it but I cannot find it.
Mum is not all pleased with dad's behaviour but I start to think there's not everything right with him. And yes, suddenly his face goes all red and he losts the ability to speak ay meaningful words - it's just complete gibberish coming out of his mouth. He staggers dangerously and is about to fall down the rocky stairs. I feel extremely scared for his condition and I shout: "DAD!" trying to get my hands on him. But in this point he somehow recognizes his own condition and the observation scares the shit out off him: He runs away and I'm after him but it seems like he's faster..