We were travelling in a minibus. We had a running competition coming up but in the minibus there were many familiar faces who are not, however, runners. But regardless of that, it looked like they were going to run too. Definitely some professionalism was missing because Kalle, a friend from my childhood, lightened up a joint. He was smoking with his friend and I couldn't resist the temptation. I had a spliff on my own.

Just after two lungfuls our coach came back there. It was actually wierd that no one has noticed the smoke. Actually the joints started generate smoke right after the coach arrived. We panicked that our asses will be busted because the old fart wouldn't understand there's no harm having a wee blow. Kalle tried to put out his joint with his finger but it didn't work out. I put my joint inside my pocket and tried to hide it from the coach without discharging it. It didn't work out. Funny thing was that the joint wasn't hot and I didn't find anything exceptional in it. When the coach turned his back I cut the joint with my credit card so that the latter part of the joint was untouched by the fire. I was really proud of my invention -- somehow it appeared to be very difficult to hide the spliff without ruining the whole joint.

Unfortunately I woke up before the effect of the joint kicked in..