The major contribution to the dream was given by Pedro Almodovar's movie All About My Mother which I saw last night (and which was a bit of disappointment after Pepi, Luci, Bom). In the dream I was a transvestite but I didn't identify myself that much with a character. It was more like reading a book, the existence mediated through indirect channels. This alienation cut the edge of the nightmare. Otherwise it would have been my first proper nightmare for years, featuring a run a mile -scene which was so familiar in my teens.

Trans-me and an elderly woman were in a room minding our daily business. I was not familiar with the room and I went to a door because I thought I heard sounds through it. When listening attentively I heard nothing but I opened the door anyway. For our great surprise there was another door just behind it. We felt the tension growing up as we heard screaming behind the second door.

The woman backed down but I went through the door. There was a corridor which I walked through to find a room where an obvious kidnap had took place. There were three other transvestites who tortured a young woman bound to a chair. In no time they noticed me and I took a runner.

I got out of the building. The house was in a forest and there was a winding footpath leading through the forest. When I got out of the garden the transvestites made it out of the house. They were much younger than they were a minute ago in the room. They were no more than 13yo and I could have beaten them up with an ease. This boosted my confidence and I slowed down a bit. However, the trans-teens had took a shortcut throught the forest (they knew the region nearby) and almost caught me up. One threw a heavy stone which hit me on a shoulder blade. One of them registered that there was hardly any effect and (s)he sweared that they didn't have their blow pipes along. I was revealed to hear that and picking up speed I was happy that my training started to pay dividens...