It was a family holiday at the beach which appeared to be in Poland. There were lots of ethnic minorities there and I rented three snorkels from a Chinese shop; one for me and two for my brothers. The snorkel was a disappointment because water was so dirty you could hardly see anything and as the matter of fact there was nothing to see. Anyway, my brothers enjoyed but took the snorkel back before I had to pay extra.

Easier said than done, these two Chinese guys tried to fool me saying that I had used the snorkel for over an hour but I had a receipt. They still didn't give up and tried to put the pressure on me but I stood firm. I went back to my brothers to warn them that these fellows were very dodgy guys and they better bring the snorkels back. They couldn't care a less. I said that it was their problem then but I really didn't feel that way and I was under a slight stress.

As I went back the Chinese guys had gone and I went back to my apartment. I lived in third floor and took an elevator. But in great terror I saw that the elevator didn't stop. This was a great wonder because the flat had only four floors and the elevator just kept going. I was scared to death that I'm doomed. Finally it stopped and the door opened. I was on the street level. What!? I stepped outside and saw that the elevator had changed its direction. It didn't go upwards but diagonally. I thought that for the criminals it was easy to climb down the well and sneak into the flat. I didn't feel so safe back into my flat anymore.

I left the elevator and went to a department store which was part of the same chain as the shop I rented the snorkels. I thought I was entitled to a compensation and I was intrigued to buy a Scrabble game. There were two shop assistants and the woman spoke plain Finnish. It was really surprising and I listened to her a bit. Then I asked about the Scrabble in Finnish too but she was almost like shocked. I asked if she speaks Finnish but the answer was negative. I was more than confused. Why she didn't admit? Well, I said to her that I was sure she spoke Finnish but then I asked about the Scrabble. Finally I got a reduction due to the snorkel hassle...