This time only short description because there didn't happen too much. Mostly I was just dwelling in the feelings since the dream felt so real.

That is, in the dream I was really stoned. I mean really, totally out of this world. And there were all those people close to me, everyone of them and they were numerous. Rarely there has been so many people in my dreams and now the atmosphere was really tense.

I had smoked ganja. Some ganja indeed. My mum cried, middle brother was scared and most of the people were angry, especially dad. They all thought and I did think myself that this one will be everlasting trip. When I tried to say something, words were all twisted. Middle brother tried to interpret my words for others but he didn't succeed.

This continued and continued. Sometimes I was really scared and sometimes I just took it easy and enjoyed myself. Even though most people were on their edges and condemned my usage of hash, there was a minority who just had a good laugh on this. Especially this was the case with the younger brother, he's always like that. Also Iwona was taking it easy laying down in a very soft sofa, smiling away.

These were the bits I remember when I woke up bit sweaty because mostly it was nightmarish.