Me and Iwonka were in some Central European country on a holiday. It reminded me a lot from Prague but I cannot say for sure. We had decided to go around the city separately for a while and now it was time to catch up each others.

Iwonka is already standing on the street waiting for me when I arrive. She seems pretty happy and I try to look like a question mark. "Guess what!? I met another Finnish guy. He's working somewhere middle way from Helsinki to Tampere", she says. Iwonka starts to walk towards a little church which however doesn't look like a church outside. It's just like any other building. "We are going to get married and I ask you to be a priest or something", Iwonka tells me. A dodgy looking guy dressed in dress coat and black t-shirt steps in. He has an evil grin on his face. He has a semi-long black hair and actually he looks a bit like a satanist who sacrificied a young person gaining thus a notorious reputation in Finland. I told Iwonka that the place where his "working at" is actually a prison i.e. he's doing time there. The guy nods saying it's more like a probation and adds for Iwonka: "Welcome to share some time there.". However, this doesn't have any effect on Iwonka and probably she knew it already.

So, we proceed with a wedding ceremony. There's no one else but three of us in the church. Because I cannot remember all the jargon involved in a wedding I make it short. I just ask the guy if he wants to marry Iwonka. He nods. I almost slipped: "You may now kiss the bride." but because I'm jealous and even a bit angry I shut my mouth and say nothing. I shut the bible I held in my hands even though I never referred to it. Somehow I just know the marriage is doomed to fail and I don't feel that bad anymore.