A short one this time. The occultic thing is that Pirkan Hölkkä really does take a place tomorrow and I cannot make it due to recent sickness.

So, there were me and couple of my mates from the running club who were going to attend Pirkan Hölkkä, 33 kilometers race from Valkeakoski to Tampere. We were already warming up for the race and I was thinking aloud what kind of running gear should be the best. Others preferred shorts but I was complaining that it's too cold and I put a tracksuit on. Then I moaned that no one cannot run 33km in this suit. I also referred to my recent flu saying I wasn't in a good form and as the straw that broke the camel's back I said I forgot to take Vaseline with me: Now my inner thighs would be chafed and probably I would have to give up in some point.