I was working in the same company with my dad and mum. Then there were just three other employees. Mum and two colleagues came into my room and I thought we can call it a day but they have something else in their mind. They had plotted an evil scheme to get some extra cash from the company. In the corporal hierarchy dad was the next from the boss and because I was relatively fresh face in the company and I had the highest education I was the one who was trusted and listened to. Therefore they shortly explained what kind of story I was supposed to tell dad so that he could redirect more money to me "to acquire extra resources" for a brand new "innovative project" that sounded really promising.

Dad was just about to leave and I stepped into a corridor repeating him everything I was told. I didn't feel so good about this but the scheme sounded watertight so I let it go. Dad became inspired about it and went straight away to tell it to the boss and listening over the conversation the money was practically in my use already.

I went back into my room where mum and these two colleagues were hiding. I told them it worked out and they were really cheerful about it. But after a while mum noticed I looked miserable. She asked what was the matter and I directly asked her if she loved dad anymore. I had my doubts because this scheme would put him in awkward position. She hugged me and told me everything was okay. She shed tears but told she loves me and dad and everything will be okay. I knew she really meaned it and I hugged her, tightly.

Slowly, I wake up from dreaming and notice I hug myself. Very funny... :-)