The last night I changed from my current running club to another - surprisingly a thing what I will do this week for real too! There were couple of other runners from the new club and their chairman had plenty of ganja in his room. I made a baguette for myself and the chairman offered me couple of bits of hash to put inside the baguette. I was of course willing to do so but hashish didn't work properly. I just felt all my moves slowing down but I was able to think very clearly.

Then a guy from my former running club appears and morally condemns my club swap. He says there are couple of good new guys in the club and he seems very disappointed that I'm leaving. I say none but the mates from the new club told him to stop whining. The chairman notes that I've finished with the baguette and hands me his dimebag. I don't like being drugged but I go for another round anyway.

We talk a lot about running and other plain stuff. Some their remarks are quite interesting but I cannot recall them anymore. Talking defied logic.