I had to go back to the army for several weeks. This was something like second part of the military training and I was already really fed up with it. It was very first night back to barracks when they woke us up 1:30AM or 2:30AM for no reason. We were sleeping on a floor and they told us put our pillows and blankets in a pile on the left hand side. I thought I'll just continue sleeping and I would walk out of the barracks in the morning. Ya basta!

But a fellow next to me wasn't satisfied and he thought the whole bunch would be punished because I didn't follow the orders. Under the pressure I removed the blanket without paying any attention and it was on the right hand side where I put it. The guy was pissed and he did everything for me.

Unfortunately sergeants walked in just at the very moment. I didn't give a shit because I would be gone tomorrow but I didn't want to spoil their fun telling what I was intending to do.
And some fun they had indeed! They took a torturing equipment that looked like a corkscrew and worked with the same principle but it didn't leave any physical marks in the body. First they use it to get some words out of my friend and it was done in no time. Then it was my turn and oh damn, it hurted like hell. I don't know what I was going to prove to anybody but I didn't say a shit. They wanted me "to understand" that "it's essential to follow the orders". They wanted me to reply that I understood but I never said so. They use the tool several times and in the end foam was coming out of mouth when I tried to told them that they're are suckers.