Two dreams tonight:

It was some bigger happening arranged by Tampere University of Technology (where I still study) and I came late which is pretty unusual. The happening didn't take place in the premises of TUT and the place was unknown for me beforehand.

When I arrived there was a running competition going on and I saw a guy I knew was in the lead, far away from others. I was bit of upset being late because it seemed that I would have made a good result in a competition. So I run up on a big hill where was a big sauna and changing rooms. Unlike others I took a shower without spacesuit. Another rebelous act: I creased my cloths in a pile and I put the pile on a shelf next to my shower. Inside the clothpile I had a wallet and a wristwatch.

I was still behind the timetable and therefore I run the hill down to take part for the next competition. This time we had to swing ourselves from a bench to a sink with a rope - just like Tarzan with lianes. If you failed you had to wash dishes - just like Reva-Salminen was just doing. He spilled water and foam all around the place and I got my part too which was unbelievably annoying.
But I was ready to show my talent and I was waiting for the permission to swing myself over. It worked out just Perfect! I was happy for that but then I started to worry about my watch -> if it was still safe in the pile of cloths or not and I thought I should go back to the changing rooms. (Actually I was having all those cloths already on..)

I was abroad and buying various things that cost only small amounts of money. But for some reason I got back different currencies: drachms, francs, Deutsche marks... Still I had to buy a ticket for some entertainment happening but I hadn't enough because they wouldn't accept all these different currencies together. Luckily it was my friend Korma who was working in this ticket office. We counted my coins and it took a good while because I didn't really know their value. I felt bit uncomfortable because now others in the queue had to wait. I turned my head to check the queue and there was only one young man behind me. And luckily he was really helpful and cheerful instead of being pissed by waiting which was something I expected. Me and Korma talked English even though it went bit more slowly than it would have gone in Finnish. Then I remembered I had to have a traveller's cheque from Kilroy travel agency. That was the office Korma was working in - or rather it was only a small round stall and actually they were selling many kind of things Kilroy doesn't sell for real. Because I couldn't find the cheque at first we went through the wallet with Korma and the young man. And there it was, hidden behind the tickets of Finnish railways. I gave the cheque to Korma who put it into a machine that said I would get 3300mk for that. We all understood it was far too less because the cheque was written on £820 and that should mean about 8200mk instead! I was little bit afraid that I couldn't take the cheque back anymore but to accept the poor offer. At the same time a young man with a short beard around his jaw came riding his bicycle and the man was Korma's boss. He had heard what was going on and from the saddle he shouted that Korma should cancel the offer because it was so unfair towards me. As he passed by he was proudly advertising how it is possible to cancel offers at this point at Kilroy - would work nowhere else! I gave him thumbs up. "Back to work!" he told Korma and an older black woman who had just arrived with her bicycle; she had come here in hope to get an easier job over here. Briefly, we speculated about rush in general and about the man behind me in the queue who had mysteriously disappeared.