Liverpool FC was playing in India, Indonesia or somewhere Far East. They played against local amateurs but the latter struggled well. You may expect that Liverpool would have marched over them in no time but actually it was Liverpool's goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek who had a lot of work to between the posts.

At some stage I replaced Dudek and soon after there was some sort of riot among the fans. Soon the pitch was full of Indonesians running all wild. One short guy grapped my arm and made me walk towards a parking lot. I shook him off but he grapped my arm again. He also said: "al-Qaeda" meaning that he tried to kidnap me in the name of mentioned organization. Of course, I was frightened by that and for a good reason because I knew they had kidnapped few goalies before. Fortunately he was much weaker than me but it was difficult to get away because there was a total chaos on the pitch thanks to all mad fans.

I tried to run away only to find Vuoristo-Vöötsi, a neighbour of my youth, who was also playing for Liverpool FC. I asked his help. Vuoristo-Vöötsi is a strong fellow and I knew that together we would kick the terrorist's ass.