We were climbing at the Alps with mates I don't know in real life. It wasn't the conquest of the lifetime or anything like that; the place we were climbing were quite easily accessible for the public but still needed some effort. There were about five of us and our main point was to cross a chine with a suspension cable. This was actually done only once before and one of us told the lively story how it was made. He told it because obviously some of us were little bit scared of crossing the chine.

He told us how there were two Norwegians on the same side of chine as we were. One of them was frightened to cross it but his friend tightened his harness and off them went. Once they had crossed the chine they went straight back. This time the scary-ass Norwegian didn't even bother to wear his harness but hanged on it with one hand only.

The Norwegians were considered to be nuts as we imagined a man crossing the chine and hanging there with his bare hands. Anyway, the story had its effect and people become more brave. My mates jumped one shelf down which seemed easy and harmless but was actually pretty dangerous because the snow underneath their feet could have collapsed resulting their inevitable death. Therefore I remained at the same place, safe.