It was ice hockey game (why in the earth ice hockey keeps visiting in my dreams..!?) Finland vs. Czech Republic. Finnish team was practising and uncrowned number one reporter Antero Mertaranta was singing the praises of practising method. Former national couch Curt Lindström (Swedish) was passing difficult passes and players were supposed to shoot a one timer. If it didn't work out a player in turn tried to play against four other players.

I was there and I made good. The game started and my former junior basketball couch Pentti Toivonen gave me orders to go on the ice because "Laitinen was a tough guy." However, the starting five was already there and I had to wait for them coming off.

Then happened an interesting and colourful dislocation and redefinition of the game. It wasn't just one event but the place and the game both were constantly changing. For now on I wasn't able to say whether I was playing with Finnish national team, with ice hockey players of my age from my home town or with my former neighbours accompanied by a girl from Thailand and some fourth nobody. Furthermore, I wasn't able to say whether I played ice hockey or floorball. The place was also changing constantly: from an ice stadium to a virtual cave (huge screens as walls) and then to an ordinary sports hall of a school.

I noted Jussi: "Hats will go broke." ??? I took the ball/puck from opponents. I didn't know what to do then. A girl from Thailand said that supposingly it's our turn to attack. Rami started bravely (as he always did). Then Thai-girl made a hastily hit -- we were supposed to drive the ball throughout the virtual cave. I got my moment and I took the ball again and I ruled the game but just in the end Jussi took the ball from me. He was about to shoot and I threw my stick to prevent him shooting the goal, althought I knew it would be desperate attempt. However I managed to do it and Jussi (same Jussi as in other dream) really hit my flying stick! How funny; I was rolling on the floor laughing! Others, except Jussi, had fun too. The fact that Jussi eventually scored didn't satisfy him nor it didn't stop us laughing. Jussi started to become angry: "Don't you fuckin laugh." I couldn't help my self giggling: "Oh, you really did it.."

There might be an underlying theme that Fatima, a French girl who have visited my dreams previously as well, was happy with the outcome. But I wasn't able to say it (both in the dream nor when I woke).