It was a party somewhere, I don't know, at someone's house. Usually my dreams are relatively silent i.e. there isn't other sounds but just talking and in the best case maybe some quiet background sounds. However, now I was able to hear NWA playing on the cd-player. Eazy-E was also blasting a mic rapping the rhymes of Ruthless Villain.

I came to party with lot of friends and then I sat down on an armchair. There were many people who wanted to travel around the world and they asked if I wanted to join. Fatima was going to Canary Islands and V-PL was planning a journey to New York. I liked the idea of laying on the beach with Fati but the most I liked Ari's proposal, whatever it was, I didn't hear it properly.
We ended up checking out the last minute offers and finally the net. At (unpaid advertisement) there was a very cheap trip to New York: Only 1240mk! (~$177) And first we saw that it was only 124mk! The last digit was encoded with different colour and it was hard to notice it. However, I eventually agreed to visit NY with Ari..