Scotland - Northern Ireland border. Doesn't exist in reality but there we were, sitting in a car and driving to NI. Republic of Ireland wasn't far away either and we could see it over a valley. There was a man I don't know for real driving and me and my anarchist mate Miika sitting in the back. We had some kind of secret duty to accomplish in Northern Ireland and we were pretty quiet about it. It wasn't a pleasant task and by that I mean it was bit of dangerous.

In the border line there were two British soldiers. They were checking everybody who was going to cross the border. There was no other cars but about dozen kids were walking towards the border, coming from RoI. We had to step out of the car for the inspection. It was really half-assed check but the taller soldier wanted to see inside my army boots, thinking I was hiding something inside them. He took a knife and almost ripped my shoelaces apart. I intervened and quickly took the boot off. He didn't even mind to check it and just laughed off: He consider the act being a manifestation of his authority and abuse of this authority. I didn't see the point and jumped back into the car. The soldiers were new recruits and I thought the boys must have their fun.

For some reason, we started to drive very, very slowly and I looked back. The scene was horrid: There were six, seven hooded horsemen beating the shit out of the kids. The soldiers didn't make a move to stop the beating. It was a slaughter; the bandits had long clubs and sharp razors attached to them. I said to Miika: "Look, it's the Klan. KKK." Wait a minute, this is Ireland. "Nope, they are loyalists" I corrected myself. The kids fleed in terror but they had absolutely no chance against horsemen. One kid, about 12yo. run after us and almost reached us. (S)he look like an androgyne and I couldn't really say whether (s)he was a boy or a girl. One of the loyalists saw him/her and galloped after him/her. I wanted to let the kid in but the driver increased the speed. We could do nothing but to see the kid being exterminated.