We were on a sports field and we were having a competition in high jump. But it wasn't an ordinary competition because we didn't have mattress nor bar. We just jumped up and falled into the sand of long jump ground. The height of a jump was ocularly approximated or sometimes laser-measurement was used.

There were couple of Swedish guys too but another one of them didn't make into a final through a tryout. However, officials decided that he could compete in the final too because he was consider so good and he just blew it up in the tryout. Some of us were really amazed byt this decision but none protested.

The final started as the first Swedish fellow jumped and he didn't make it too bad. Then it was was this guy's turn who sneaked into the final with the help of jury: He didn't even bother to use flop-technic, he just jumped raising his legs up but the power of the jump was so unbelievable there wasn't any doubt who's going to win. With this poor technic he jumped as much as his compatriot. The crowd was in ecstasy: No wonder the jury let him to compete. He welcomed the cheers, rest of the lights went off except the ones that spotted him. Practically the competition was over. I just had to admire his talents..

J. told me he was recently engaged to a young girl who was only 13 years old. But he was very happy with the fact. Actually so happy that he said he wanna kiss the world. (I'm not sure if he said he wanted to kiss Christiane..) Well, Gaëlle was there on the hand and I said that you could kiss her. J. was so happy he was about to do it and Gaëlle turned her cheek so that a French kiss could be done.

I was sitting next to Fati and I was joking with her: "Look, we have a romance here." But J. and also Gaëlle were a bit embarrassed and interrupted my remark and therefore no kiss took place. Gaëlle tried to respond saying that actually it was me and Fati who had a romance. Even though this was a joke I got a bit confused because I loved Fati and I had to lay my eyes down. The girls started to joke about this matter and I just smiled stupidly. Then Gaëlle had a bout of verbal diarrhoea and because I understood only a wee bit of it (she was French speaking English and I'm not native English speaker either) I started to talk with Fati.