I was heading at Ahvenisjärvi elementary school to play basketball. There were loads of other mates I've seen playing basketball in Finland or in Belfast. They were waiting for the hall to be freed.

I went inside as I saw some younger mates from Uusikaupunki through glassdoors. I knew Ana and Ville and they were with 5-6 young fellows I didn't know but they were wearing official vests and shorts of Uusikaupunki Sharks. As I went in I grinned and showed them the devil sign with my left hand. They responded in a lazy way as they always do. I chitchatted bit and asked who these younger guys were. They said they have moved to Tampere after they took their A-levels in Uusikaupunki highschool and they study nowadays at the technical university i.e. the same university where I am. They looked so young I couldn't believe they were 19yo and I wasn't sure if they were fooling me around.

After a while I went outside where I met some friends from Belfast and older plaeyrs of Pomppu, the university basketball team. I sat down on the brink of vent hole which, by the way, was huge and really interesting. I really wanted to crawl in but I didn't. However, I said something about the vent hole to a friend nearby but he moved away. I took it as a small insult and decided not to like this person too much but then people came out from the hall so it was free for us to go in.

I met my dad at a parking lot next to Hervanta shopping centre. He was there with my younger brother and after a while of casual talk he asked me if I do dope. I lied I don't but it seemed like he knew something. He said: "Whatever, anyways, we are going to see it later on if your brains still work properly. Ya know the dope dilutes your brains. Look at Pekka Luoma (his my dad's colleaque) here: He was very, very bright young fellow but nowadays his somewhatta retarded because he did a pot from time to time. You wouldn't be like him, would you? Well, he still has some hobbies to keep him active and in this world but you wouldn't say he had gone forward on the path of self development." I murmured a half-assed reply that I've got great hobbies and good life and I'm not going to get stucked in amotivationalism.

My mum came and we departed the parking lot. Suddenly there was a small table next to my mum at the parking lot and there was a small box that included my joints on the table. I picked up the box and my mum took an odd glance at me but I acted cool and she didn't have a clue what was in the box.

We went to my grandpa's house (this is far, far away from Hervanta) and soon we went to sleep. I picked the bed in grandpa's room. It was a double bed and I thought grandpa was already sleeping there. Because he's actually dead, I was really scared for a while that I have to sleep next to a corpse and I could see his moulded body through the eyes of my soul. But for my great relief it was mum who had conquered more than 70% of the bed, sleeping restlessly. Furthermore, a middle brother wanted to sleep in this bed too but I kept my mind thus forcing him to choose another bed.

There was the third dream too but I've confused it with reality and more conscious thoughts so I cannot tell a word about it.