The note by m_turner is very important: The resources can be immaterial. More and more this is the case.
However, the "old economy" based on the exploitation of limited resources may be in trouble in some point. And it's not necessarily oil we're talking about here but water.

This is built-in feature of any capitalist company. This is not only a Marxist superstition and the need for expansion can be easily proven by simple Google search (eg. expansion is necessary in market economy..). The capitalists tell it themselves. If a company does not grow, some others will and they do their best to drive others out of the market.

One very important notion, however, was still missing and it's the concept of ratio of profit. I don't know what was the term used by Marx but this was the one of few things he really was right.
The ratio of profit decreases as time passes by. Capitalists have to invest more and more on automation and machinery. In the short term, they can get more profit than their less advanced counterparts but in the long run you have to invest more and more capital into a process. As a result some companies will go bankrupt and workers are laid off and finally we have a crisis here.
But this does not mean capitalism is doomed. Even we can find the tendency of decreasing ratio of profit from statistics, capitalism is able to resurrect itself. No system itself will collapse. Do you think the Soviet Union collapsed itself? No way, it was people who acted. In parallel, it has to be people who have get enough with capitalism and it's their duty to overcome the system. But back to the resurrection.. As the crisis has been won, some companies will come out of it stronger and the ratio of profit has increased. Again, there's historical evidence that this has happened before and is very likely to happen again.