I haven't slept a whole lot this week. Part of it might have been that Dimetapp/Nyquil chaser I had last night, or maybe the fact that I had to get up every few minutes to cough up sputum.

But that's not the point.
I did get to sleep, and when I slept, I dreamed a dream...

I'm climbing a mountain. Rupert is there, on a scooter in a hotel lobby. This normally isn't odd, except for the fact that it's a hotel lobby in the middle of a Tibetan mountain. I, of course, am not in the nice hotel lobby inside the mountain. Instead, I am outside, on the slope of the mountain, avoiding large snakes and alligators and tadpoles. I reach the top. There's a large waterfall. I get to ride back down the mountain in a slightly modified waterslide. It's only slightly modified.

It has no edges.