Located in the southeastern region of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is certainly one of the sexiest cities in the country, and possibly in the world.

Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio as it's know to the cariocas (People born in Rio) is a city of immense geographical beauty and social contrasts.

First time tourists may be tempted to spend lots of time at traditional places like Copacabana and other not so recommendable places, like the infamous Help Night Club. Copacabana had it's peak of glory in the 50's. Nowadays, most places in Copacabana close pretty early, leaving the streets to the Hookers and Transvestites.

Take your time and visit other beaches, specially Ipanema, a charming place, and the exotic Barra da Tijuca beach. Another good place to go is Floresta da Tijuca, a lush green forest stuck right in the middle of the city. A visit to Corcovado (The big statue of Christ) is also a must. Don't forget the Cable cars at Pão de açucar, aka Surgar Loaf Mountain, an enjoyable and peaceful ride.

If you're more into outdoor activities, Rio can be great! There are dozens of excellent trails in the mountains. From light hikes to very technical climbs. Rio has a little bit for everyone. Don't feel like hiking? Fly down Pedra Bonita mountain in a glider. The instructor will fly you for as low as fifty dollars. This will be a experience you will never forget.

Hungry? You will find a huge variety of restaurants at your disposal. The Brazilian Culinary is very rich, and chances are you will not regret the money paid for your lunch or dinner. By North American and European Standards, food in Brazil is not expensive at all.

Book your flight, packs your bags and have fun. Try to stay out of trouble in Rio, and bring back some good and unforgettable memories.