I had a bizarre experience answering a technical support call some years ago. I was working as a consultant for an ISP when the phone rang. We were not expecting any calls, since the ISP had only one week in operation and a handful of customers. Apparently, someone called in asking for information, but since the ISP still didn't have the tech support infrastructure in place, the operator decided to transfer the call to us. The conversation was like that:

Caller: Hello, I'd like some help!
Me: Sure sir, how can I help you?
Caller: Well, actually I don't have an account yet. I was wondering if I could talk or send messages to my daughter. She's in Australia and she has an internet account.
Me: Yes sir, that's possible!
Caller: What do I need to do that?
Me: You just need a computer and a modem
Caller: Hey, but just have a FAX machine and a TV! Isn't that enough?
Me: (controlling the urge to burst in laughter) I'm afraid not Sir. You'll need a computer for sure.
Caller: YOU KNOW WHAT? (yelling!) You guys don't wanna help me! I know your types! You just want the fat, rich customers that will buy anything you demand! You know what? You're not the only ISP in town! Goodbye! click...