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Invite some [friends] to your [house]. Ask them to come dressed in [black] clothing. The [heavier] the [clothing], the better. If they have black [parkas] or [overalls], that's [perfect]. You need something around ten [people] for this to work [smoothly].

You'll need some [candles] too. Have them at [hand] as your friends [arrive]. [Black] and/or [red] candles provide the [best] effect.

Wait until [late night]. 3am is a [good time]. Now it's time to give a [call] to a [pizza place]. Choose one you've [never] chosen before. This minimizes the [chances] of the [pizza delivery guy] knowing you.

Get everybody ready. When the [pizza delivery guy] rings the [bell], you must have all the [lights] in the [house] turned off, everybody holding a [candle] and looking [very seriously] at the [doorway]. Open the door very [slowly]. Do not laugh at the guy's expression! At this point, tell the [guy] you're going to get some [money] and get out of the [scene], leaving him alone with your [friends].

While you are [away], the [guy] will have a clear view of the [crowd] in your [house]. At this point, [everybody] should begin a [chant] and approach the door very [slowly]. Make sure nobody laughs or take their eyes away from the pizza delivery boy!

The [guys]' [reactions] normally [vary], but they're always [interesting]. If you're [lucky], the [guy] will [run away] and not charge you a [dime] for the [pizza]. If you're [unlucky] you'll get an [armed] [ex-convict] at your door, very [frustrated] with all this "[occultism]" at your [house].

Well, I believe now you [know] why I told you to get out of the [scene] [momentarily] to get the [money]...