Today was an abnormal day.

Our choral department put on some sort of presentation this morning about patriotism. As usual, I passed on the two dollar admission and spent the time in a study hall.

It still vexes me that they charge admission to their activities. Is the band the only organization that doesn't whore itself with art?

In any case, I heard all sorts of threatening rumors. "Don't go to the mall tonight," they said. Silly paranoid yuppies. I'm sure an anti-American terrorist has better things to do on Halloween night than go shopping at Sears. I wonder if kids had hoaxes like this during World War 2?

In real news, the local post office has been closed temporarily, along with the nearby chemical plant. Who knows what could have prompted this.

I'm going to a Halloween party in a few hours, but I still don't have a costume. Last year my last-minute costume was a heroin addict. I traced over my veins with a blue marker, put band-aids on my arms, and wore a sleeveless Smashing Pumpkins shirt. I'm sure I'll find something unique and creative, amongst the mass of "anthrax letters" and "terrorists" and "jumbo jets."

Updatage: No, nothing blew up tonight (to my knowledge), as expected. My costume turned out to be an animal control worker. I ran around in a pair of overalls and a pet carrier thing. Not too interesting, but quite unique. Definitely good for the ten minutes I spent on it. Candy turnout was acceptable; I'll be busy for about a week.