It's been a beautiful day.

I slept in until about 1 p.m., at which time I got up and had my usual high protein breakfast. From there it was off to three and a half hours of band practice in the chilly temperatures and freezing winds. The weather did indeed suck, but there is not a rehearsal where I do not have fun.

Today I also came to the conclusion that I love music.

I've always had fun making music, and been entranced while listening to beautiful music (i.e. Radiohead), but now I think that I was born to do it. I have quite a few other theories about being born to a role in society, but that's for another node, another day.

From practice I went to Perkins with my best friend, which led to a series of adventures in marijuana and beautiful music. For the record, no, I don't indulge in plant-burning of any kind.

A day with a mild start and a great finish is a beautiful day in my book.

Want to hear some beautiful music? Try these juicy Radiohead titles.