Today was the king of long, drawn out days.

TCAP testing was going on, so our schedule was all messed up. We went to our first class for about 5 minutes, went to our fourth period class for something like 2 hours, went on to fifth period for what seemed like eternity, hopped back to fourth, and ended up back in first period. Not a day passes that I don't hate our school's administration.

In other news, the car is acting up (as usual). The front suspension system is in need of repair. The balance bar has been unhooked from the left side since we had body work done, and the shocks haven't been replaced since the car rolled off the assembly line (It's a 1997 Hyundai Accent GT).

Saturday will be my last day of high school marching band. Ever. We're going somewhere close to Asheville for a festival. The forecast for the weekend is quite chilly, which is nice for us drumline types. The less you can feel your arms, the harder you can play.

All I've been able to listen to lately is Radiohead. It's sort of awkward, since my musical tastes used to be so broad and expansive. It seems I've found my comfortable spot early in life.

I recommend both The Bends and Ok Computer to anyone interested in melodic rock. To stoners I suggest Kid A and Amnesiac. I'm told they're beautiful.