This morning was a wake up 45 minutes late throw on some clothes and go morning. I usually don't like those kinds of mornings, but this one went really well.

I got to school a little after the bell, but the teacher doesn't particularly care when we're a little late, since class usually starts late anyway. Everything was going smoothly. I was able to concentrate on my work rather well, considering I'd only had about three hours of sleep last night. In my second class, however, I was browsing E2 when some activity in the Chatterbox caught my eye.

Another plane crash. Oh boy.

This was at about 9:40, a mere ten minutes after the incident. I was probably the only person in the whole school that knew about it at that time.

I told a few of my friends, who had an attitude of disbelief. Naturally, the second thing they wanted to know, after "are you kidding?" was "is terrorism involved?" A shame that terrorism is the first thing to come to mind every time you see an airliner these days.

I slept through the rest of my classes.