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mission drive within everything
You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails
Author, umm, is wierdo a speciality
you cant kill someone with a pillow unless you set it on fire. Or. Listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf
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Um, here's me in a nutshell help im in a nutshell, how did i get in this bloody great nutshell?
Im a little crazy, seriously freaky in fact. I sing (offkey) most of the time and i dont really like being around people. I love reading. DAVID EDDINGS (god he's good), ROBIN HOBB (him too), BRIAN JAQUES (heck, they're all great), and anything else i can get my hands on. If you have any suggestions then plese email me.
I live in England, and i love animals, i feel much more in tune with them than people (getting wierd here).
Look out for my novel.(If its ever finished) i'll tell ya'll if i ever do.
Well since you've pretty much cracked that nut (irony there, did you notice it?) i suppose there's not much to say.
Cheers people.
Little Otter, Pantherea tigris, Tigeress, Lizzy,
The she devil, Freak ,The white woman.....

I hope that didnt give you too much of a headache.