To update kingku's above post:

Facebook now must have hundreds of colleges listed, everything from The American Academy of Art to the Zion Bible College. It also recently launched a high school Facebook.

Some Facebook features:

  • Groups: groups are created for anything and everything from people who are going to a certain party, shared interest groups, and actual clubs. Groups are limited to each school (meaning that a group that started at one school can't have members from another school). There are also "sponsored" groups from companies like Electronic Arts and Apple.
  • Parties: You can list your party on Facebook and announce it everyone at your school, or only invite certain people.
  • The Wall: a message board on your profile page lets people leave little comments for you.
  • Poking: you can "poke" other Facebook members. They are informed the next time they log on and can view your profile. This is useful if you are not friends with someone (and can't view their profile) but don't want to add them or send them a message yet. It is the internet equivalent of a wave.

Facebook is quickly becoming an irreplaceable part of the college social network because of its various features, and its focus on the social network.