Google whack is an exciting new game played through any google search field. The object of the game is to find a two word search query, made of actual English words, using standard spelling, which return just *ONE* result. What makes this game interesting is not just trying to find incredibly arcane words which coincide on only one page. This will result in a very low score. The way the scoring system works is as follows: once you actually discover a google whack, put in each term separately and find the number of web pages that each term appears on, and multiply them for you final score.


manganese lolitas

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manganese: found on 402,000 pages
lolitas: found on 1,830,000 pages

total score: 735,660,000,000

As you can see, in order to maximize your score, both terms can be fairly common on it's own, but only cross paths once. "Lolitas," as you can imagine is a very common word. But it's rare, in fact, unique, to see the word "lolitas" appear on the same page as "manganese."