This dream was sort of weird. It was actually a continuation of a dream that I had several months, maybe even a couple years ago. I was on campus at some sort of fair or get-together, I'm not sure. I was there in the previous dream too. The campus didn't look anything like it does IRL in either dream. There was a booth for the NRA, where I went to renew my membership which I first got in the previous dream (I guess this took place a year later). The guy in charge was telling me some things when I was woken up... I always get woken up when I'm getting somewhere in a dream.. maybe thats why I can remember them though. I'm not sure why I dreamed this, I've never been a member of the NRA, and probably never will be. But the weird thing was that everything in the dream was the same as in the previous one.. layout of things, things in my wallet like tickets, the NRA guy and his assistant, the landscape. Deja vu.