Are proprioception and pain senses? According to Webster_1913, a sense is a faculty to perceive properties of external objects. Proprioception is about knowing where your bodyparts are, and those do not qualify as external. The same reasoning goes for pain. Indeed you can only feel the temperature of your own skin, so even the cold/hot feeling is not that clearly a sense ; but I might be stretching the subject too much.

What I am trying to point out is that senses are not about conscious perception, but about the rest of the world : they are the only link between the outside and the mind. And with this meaning we only have five senses. Considering proprioception as a sense means you consider that your hands or your legs are not part of You, of your Self, but rather alien objects that are to be commanded. I believe that all your body is part of Yourself ; would you consider Self-Consciousness as a sense?