Haunted by your eyes.

It's been five days, and I still can't get you out of my head. I keep seeing your face, or more specifically your eyes, boring into mine - and wondering what you felt when I couldn't keep it up, and looked away. Was I imagining that dark look of knowledge and wanting in your eyes? Was I wrong to turn at that moment, shy and confused as I was - as I suppose I am?
Then I didn't see or hear from you, until tonight, and all I could see, all I could think about, was that look in your eyes. And I felt stupid for not doing what I so badly wanted to do - leaning into you, pressing my mouth on yours, feeling your arms around me as we would finally fall into that one passionate embrace that I have been burning for for a month or more.

It is no matter. I am impatient, but anticipation can be sweet, and though I fidget and dream, I enjoy it as much as the events that I hope will follow.

We shall see.
I will have another chance tomorrow.