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What do I know? I'm just a girl!
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I plan on being an excentric old lady. I want to have a blatently purple octagonal house in the mountians above Hollywood. Everything inside of the house would be the same color purple. My servents would wear long purple tunics and purple beanies. I would spend my days in a huge purple bed and ask for really obscure impossible things, like a whip made out of a horses tail, and they would give them to me because they'd think I was going senile, but I really will be just difficult and power-hungry. When I die I want my corpse to be entoumbed in a column of ice. Not to be thawed, but just to be displayed. I would have seasonal coustume changes and charge admission. I'd leave the servents nothing in my will, and have a contest among distant relatives for my estate and millions. The one who stays the night will get it, or split it between the ones who do. The twist is my ghost and the ghosts of others is said to walk the purple octagonal house in the mountians.