From the very beginning of the day I could feel myself headed towards a climax, a large one. I could sense the energy bolting around the room from the moment I woke up, I waited in bed for the customary minute before the alarm clock went off, turned it off, and knew today would bring something big.

As I went through the day the feeling just got stronger, it was even supported in true theatrical style by a number of small climaxes:

I have a good idea thst this feeling was primarily influenced by the year before, Halloween last year fell on a Sunday, that meant a weekends worth of holiday spirit.

Friday: I got out of school, and head straight to my friend's house for Halloween Party #1. This was one of those parties that can be best described as "My Parents are gone, I think this house can fit at least 50 drunk people." There was a large collection of things at the party, from drugs to intelligent conversation, and while I preferred the latter this did end up being the party were peer pressure got the best of me. I flipped a coin, marijuana won.

Saturday: I woke up (did I sleep?) the next day, and left at some point to go to my bed so me and it could reacquaint ourselves. I woke up later on, and was off to Halloween Party #2, this was more of a party of close friends, not many people, but they're the ones you generally want to spend your time with. Nothing really special happened, we all watched movies, talked about stuff, laughed at the two people trying shrooms, and went off to see Rocky Horror. The night ended off with me and two friends walking to one of their houses, carrying a pizza box with about half a pizza, and about 6 cans of pop each. We slept at the friend's house.

Sunday: We woke up fairly late, played on the computer for a bit, and suddenly it was time for trick-or-treating. No, we are not to old. You're never to old for free candy. I was a Pizza delivery boy, with the leftover pizza box from the night before. One of my friends was "someone with little to no imagination," and the other was... something silly, but I can't remember at this point in time. We got a pretty nice haul considering. Later we were sitting in my friends room eating our goods, and his girlfriend, who had popped in earlier, said something that caught my attention. "I know someone who likes you Cameron." I was a little taken back, females liking me? That's new. So after a little cajoling I managed to get her to spill the beans. Imagine my shock when the name that comes tumbling out her mouth is the girl who I'd had a crush on for the past few months.

See? Climax. They say that history repeats itself... I could tell while entering the theatre that it would be the staging grounds for the upcoming life-changing occurrence. After a bunch of hustling, and a lack of group seating me and the same girl mentioned above, the one who I had the crush on, the one who ended up giving me the happiest 8 months of my life, the girl, who after that, found herself to be a lesbian, but I digress.

The events are as follows: Cheer, laugh, take a good look at my ex, watch movie, cheer, shout appropriate lines, listen to other such lines, laugh, take a good look at my ex, laugh, take a good look at my ex, notice the humorous things the players are doing, cheer, take a good look at my ex, do the time warp, throw things, take a good look at my ex, get hit by things, take a small glance at the revealingly dressed women, take a good look at my ex. Go home.

That's it, nothing, nada, zippo, zero, zilch, it's completely devoid of anything.

I think I'll go to bed now, I feel empty.