From Merriam Webster's Dictionary:
                    Function: adjective
                    Etymology: origin unknown
                    Date: 1919
                    Variant(s): or 
                    also /"kO-p&-'se-tik/
                      : very satisfactory

This word is most well known for its presence, ad infinitum, in the Local H song "Bound for the Floor." Use in the southern regions of the United States is almost exclusively in the phrase, "It's copacetic," roughly equivalent to "no problem" and "can do" often times indicating a workman-like resolve to persevere through short-term difficulty.

The etymology of this word is unlcear. There are two words that are considered to be decent candidates as precursors.

  • coupersetique, which is Creole French and can be translated as "I can handle whatever comes."
  • kol besedq, which is Hebrew and can be translated as "all with justice."

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, the tap-dancer, was apparently very fond of this word. Some actually feel that it was his invention. Mr. Robinson also had the glory of holding the world record for running backwards. Oddly enough, the song "Mr. Bojangles "by Jerry Jeff Walker, which is about Bill Robinson, does not contain the word copacetic.

Example of Use:

PithyE2Adept: Li Kao, you are such a dumbass. C-O-N-T-E-N-T, mi amigo, CONTENT!
Li Kao: I'm on it, Pithy, it's all copacetic.